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Performer & Filmmaker

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Horror Filmmaker from North Texas. Co-founder of the team, Little Spark Films (LSF), which is a fully equipped, creative power house. This journey originally began with Catalina only singing, acting in and editing all LSF projects. But since then she has expanded towards screenwriting, directing & producing. She has managed to keep the team tightly niched while keep them incredibly productive. From music videos, web series and podcasts to commercial and narrative story telling. Catalina has guided the LSF team though many tumultuous struggles and in the end every project reaches completion followed by one blessing after the next. The most revered project, which is currently circulating film festivals, was edited by the co-founder. She was also on set as production manager and DIT. Catalina will do whatever it takes to make sure that LSF is safe, comfortable, productive and producing great quality work. Even if it means wearing ten different hats at once.

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